Past Due House and or Car payments

Should you find yourself past due with car and or house payments all is not lost. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy provides a safe and secure method to get your payments and past due amounts back and up to date. With car payments often we can lower the interest rate. That is not available for home mortgages at this time. A chapter 13 provides the tools if you are a wage earner with sufficient income or receiving social security , disability payments, or retirement income to save your house from foreclosure and your car from repossession. It also allows you to combine all your bills into one payment that often is less than your current payments. Since it is under Court supervision creditors are barred from annoying you with telephone contact, harassment and dunning letters. Do not let creditors wear you down on their terms. Consult this bankruptcy attorney for results you may be able to live with and have some financial freedom and peace of mind.