Over your budget. due to Holiday expenses

If you have accumulated significant holiday debt due to the lure of bargains, easy credit only to discover out your job has suddenly vanished, a spouse has left you with all the bills and foreclosure, repossession, and /or garnishment is looming, Chapter 13 and/or Chapter 7 may benefit your financial situation. Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 resolve debt accumulation but somewhat differently. Chapter 13 is for individuals or couples who may have filed Chapter 7 in the past eight years, or are facing foreclosure on their home and also repossession of a motor vehicle . Chapter 13 requires the debtor/filer to have a stream or source of income either employment, social security, other disability payments, etc. Chapter 7 is not always income dependent if you are surrendering collateral to extinguish a debts or have unsecured debts like , credit cards, loan company’s, check cashing companies, medical bills. Chapter 7 is debt liquidation and is means tested. Call my office to discuss which bankruptcy options suits your situation.