Older Debts and Past Repossessions

Although there are published methods of cleaning your credit reports of incorrectly reported information, it is not a guarantee that the matter gets resolved at all levels. Credit collection agencies and debt collectors purchase old debts for pennies only to turn around and renew collection efforts of debts that may have past a statute of limitations with the original creditor. It is often not worth the time and effort to wrangle with these unscrupulous characters and many attorneys do not see merit in pursuing battle against them on clients behalf without the guaranty of paid attorney fees while the matter churns through the state courts. A chapter 7 will eliminate the old debts and even wipeout repossessions from past due vehicle surrenders, repos, or turn ins. A Chapter 7 is a debt elimination and zeros out unsecured debts collectors often suspiciously resurrect. Chapter 7 stops repossessions, lawsuits, garnishments, collections, and liens in most cases. It is a United States Constitutional protection available to those qualifying individuals, businesses, and also married couples. It protects your assets from being attached and seized. The Chapter 7 is an orderly process and involves disclosure and truthful answers by the filers.