New Year Fresh Start

As the new year  2018 commences, many new year resolutions are viewed and set. Getting out of debt is one resolution many make. Chapter 7 can provide a means to a fresh start with existing debts and life style spending miscues. It will stop garnishment, lawsuits, collection calls and often provided the debtor with a legal mechanism to write off secured and unsecured debts. While this will not free you of your student loans or federal/state income tax debts, it does clear your expense sheet and frees up income for other choices like savings or retirement, The old stigma of Chapter 7 does not seem to exist in this day and age. Many Creditors evaluate new debt quite differently than before. With depressed interest rates they are willing to take chances of debtors coming out of Chapter 7 for the necessaries of life at terms and conditions new to the world of credit.