Issues with delay and inertia at reaching a filing decesion

All too often clients coming to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 have waited until they are at the edge of a financial cliff. They have relied on incorrect information learned through Google, friends, family or creditors. If you cannot pay back a debt owed to a creditor, the creditor will take action. That action may be non stop harassment through telephone calls, visits to your home or business or employment . It may also involve threats of lawsuits, actual lawsuit, and attachments of pay, bank accounts and personal property. It did not have to get this far down the road of ruin . Often debtors wrongly are persuaded or convince by those who know nothing, what is the best action to take! If you do not earn enough to pay your bills and live on ( food, rent, transportation utilities), it is highly unlikely delay is going to improve your situation and will add to the stress of the situation. A fresh start exists with a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 debt reorganization. It will either wipe the slate clean and provide a fresh start or halt the debts and provide a mechanism for a wage earner to repay their bills without interest or with a reduction or both. Loan companies, check cashing companies, credit cards, bank loans , mortgages, car payments , medical bills can all be eliminated in Chapter 7 or consolidated in or chapter 13. Should the debtor owe student loans, or back state and/ or federal taxes they are also addressed but generally are not dischargeable. The key to peace of mind and ceasing harassment is prompt action. It will save the consumer money in the long run