Feeling Overwhelmed by Credit cards and medical expenses

Every month the bills arrive in your mailbox or email account. They are relentlessly arriving like clockwork. All to often we find ourselves overwhelmed by circumstances beyond our control. medical expenses from accidents, health problems, genetic issues all require expensive and sometimes extensive medical care and treatment. we reach for our credit cards, if we are fortunate to have them for initial payment and all too often long term payment which may be astronomical. The bill may come due but not today. If you make partial or small payments the interest on the cards will eat up you catch up ability. As they take more of your household income , it becomes a burden on a household budget. Electricity and food costs may be reduced but not eliminated. Gasoline and entertainment will be reduced but not eliminated. Rent is fixed , as is a car payment for a period of time.  It is a matter of choice but in reality, your necessaries of life expenses are more important. Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges/eliminates these credit card and medical expenses. It also eliminates other expenses, Stops garnishments, lawsuits , repossessions, foreclosures if you want to eliminate and give up those possessions.